OBD Port theft and how to protect against it

These days most vehicles are stolen using devices which plug into the OBD port. We’re going to be having a quick look at the increasing rise of “OBD Vehicle Theft” and how to protect against it.

In 2018 it was estimated that more than 6000 vehicles were stolen just in London by Gangs using “OBD theft” Techniques. It affects mainly vehicles with the Keyless Entry system as seen in BMW, VW, Audi and Ford but can also affect regular “key ignition” vehicles too.

So How are they doing it?

Firstly, thieves get into the car by breaking the window in a way that doesn’t set off the ultrasonic alarm sensor. Then they attach a sophisticated reader to the on-board diagnostics connector and once connected they can disable your vehicle immobiliser, de-activate the alarm, code new keys and then drive away! All of this can be done in less than two minutes. Most OBD ports are located on the driver side of the vehicle under trim above your shin!

By law, the data accessible by the OBD connector has to be openly available, meaning the vehicle manufacturer can’t encrypt the information.

You can see in the video above exactly how quickly it can take to steal a highly valuable car and what lengths they will go to…

On-board diagnostics (OBD) bypass tools are available on our 

shop and takes about 15 minutes to install if you are comfortable removing a few trim panels you will be able to install the Dummy OBD Port.

How to Protect against OBD Theft?

Aside from having all the normal security options and parking in a safe and secure place there is a relatively cheap way of protecting your vehicle from this type of theft. It certainly isn’t bullet proof nor will it stop them breaking into the vehicle but it will at least buy you that all important thing, time! If the criminals can’t access your Data threw OBD port due to it being switched with dummy one then they don’t have the opportunity to access your on-board computer!

OBD Relocation

A simple but effective way of protecting your vehicle’s computer system.


Our OBD2 Relocantion / Extension kit allows you to simply remove your current OBD port and plug dummy in its place. Then plug the black male connector on the dummy into your genuine port. And now you’re free to route it wherever you like within the vehicle that is a more secure location.

Using High Quality OEM Spec parts that replicate your current OBD 2 Port it will look and feel like the real thing elsewhere in your vehicle and will work in the exact same was as before. It provides a professional but simple solution to guard against key cloning and vehicle theft by accessing the vehicle OBD Port. ORDER HERE

Dummy OBD

Cheap and efective way of protecting your OBD port.

Obd protection

Our dummy OBD2 port appears to be live OBD port but doesn‘t transfer any data. When thief tries to connect OBD tool it seems to be live but doesn’t transfer any information, therefore, thief loses ability to start the car via OBD port. Simply just unclip your original port and clip the dummy in its place. Then plug the black male connector on the dummy into your genuine port. Now hide the original to a place of your choosing out of sight to a thief. ORDER HERE

Dummy OBD with powered siren

The best way to scare thieves away who tryies to connect OBD tool to your vehicle.

OBD siren alarm

The lead is modified to appear to be a live OBD port. This Dummy OBD port is connected with piezo alarm siren. When thief tries to connect OBD tool siren activates and only can be deactivated by pressing a button. Thieves can‘t start your vehicle threw OBD port and gets scared by sirens loud sound. ORDER HERE

If you have some questions about compatibility or can’t decide which one to choose always feel free to contact us!

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