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OBD Diagnostic Port Security Products

THE LEAD IS MODIFIED TO APPEAR TO BE A LIVE OBD Port. When thief tries to connect OBD Tool it seems to be live but doesn’t transfer any information therefore thief loses ability to start the car via OBD Port.

Price from 13£ to 20£

Dummy OBD with 120dB piezo siren. THE LEAD IS MODIFIED TO APPEAR TO BE A LIVE OBD Port. This Dummy OBD port is connected with piezo alarm siren. When thief tries to connect OBD Tool siren activates and only button can deactivate siren.

Price from 42£ to 45£

Powered dummy OBD with 2 meters OBD extension wiring loom. Relocate OBD port to position of your choice.

Price from 40£ to 42£

Why You need dummy OBD in Your vehicle

No communication with vehicle

Our dummy OBD lead is modified to appear to be live OBD port. Thieves tool will lights on, but no data will be available.

Simple plug & play.

No tools required. As it’s plug and play it’s completely reversible and as there is no cutting of wires no chance of invalidating any warranty. Takes minutes to fit.

All cars and trucks

On our website You will find dummy OBD almost for all cars, trucks or agriculture and farming vehicles. Choose your vehicle brand above or if You can’t find Your brand please fill contact form below and we will answer to You as fast as we can.​

60 days return warranty

We trust in our products and we offer You 60 days return warranty no questions asked!

“Protector has been fully independently tested to ensure when fitted, it does not have any negative effect on a vehicle.”


60 Days Money Back Guarantee

100% No Questions Asked

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